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Palace Project

Palace is a simple way to begin reading eBooks on your device. Find your library, create your own virtual library card (write this down or encrypt a note on your device) enter your barcode and pin, and begin reading or listening in less than three taps on the screen.  Additionally, enjoy thousands of free titles on the Palace Bookshelf which are yours to keep for as long as you’d like. Download the Palace app for Android or Apple iOS today!

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Palace App for Android

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Listen-up Vermont  Digital Library

 Through Listen Up Vermont library patrons can check out audiobooks and eBooks for use on a home computer, media player, cell phone or e-reader device. Follow the Getting Started instructions to install the software on your computer or download the Libby app and begin checking out titles. At the Sign In page, find the Waterville Town Library in the list of participating Vermont libraries, and enter your library card number and password. Beginning April 27, 2022, your library card number and password for ListenUp and Libby are changing. Please send an email to the library at   Or if you need a library card #, write to  Library cards are available for residents of Waterville, VT and Belvidere, VT only.

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Vermont Online Library

The Vermont Online Library offers access to articles from newspapers, magazines, journals and online reference books.  Free online classes are available through Universal Class.  For help fixing your car or truck, look it up in Chilton's.  When you use the resource you will be asked to share your location, since this resource is available to Vermont residents in state, or prompted for the password.  Write to for a library card and the password.

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Vermont LearningExpress Library from EBSCO

Provided to all Vermont Public Libraries by the Vermont Department of Libraries

The Vermont Department of Libraries is excited to announce that EBSCO’s LearningExpress Library is now available to all Vermonters at no charge through their library. LearningExpress Library provides a comprehensive selection of academic and career-related solutions available in one platform. It includes skill-building in reading, writing, math, and science, college admissions exams, occupational licensing tests, workplace skills improvement, career exploration, and much more. The subscription includes Job & Career Accelerator, a job and career platform where job seekers can explore occupations, find career matches based on interests and skills, search for jobs and internships, search for scholarships, write winning resumes and much more. Also included is computer Skills Center, where one can learn the fundamentals of using a computer, the Internet and popular software applications with these self-paced, easy-to-use online tutorials —in beginner to advanced levels.

LearningExpress library is a deep and broad tool that has something for everyone, from prep for the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) exam, nursing and medical testing prep, job interview and resume writing, computer skills, SAT, LSAT, and GRE test prep, to interactive tools to help someone choose a career. It can help someone choose a pathway in life or provide the tools to get a better job.


1.     Go to  LearningExpress Library

2.     You must set up your own account so you can use the resource. Click on Sign In/Register in the menu. On the next page, under New User, click Register.

3.     To create an account, enter your name and email address, and create a password. (Write it down)

4.     Alternately, if you don’t have an email address, or would just prefer not to use it, you can click "I'd rather NOT register with my email" to the right. You will come up with a username, create a password, and be asked to choose a security question and answer (in case you forget your password). Make sure to write down your username and security question, as there is no way to retrieve them. 

5.     Once you have registered,  click on the icon above or  LearningExpress Library

6.     Go to  Sign In/Register. Use the email address and password that you set up (the default) or the username you created (if you chose to create one - see step 4 above) and password to login. 

7.     If you have forgotten your password or are otherwise having trouble getting logged in, go to the Sign In page and click Forgot Password. You will either receive an email with a reset link, or (if you didn't share your email address) you'll need to answer the security question you set up during registration.

Learning Express Library FAQ

Universal Class - Provided to all Vermont Public Libraries by the Vermont Department of Libraries

What is Universal Class? Recorded Books’ Universal Class is an educational service providing high quality online courses for patrons (generally high-school age and older) interested in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Patrons register online, participate in the classes online at their own pace, correspond with instructors online and have up to six months to complete an individual class. Universal Class supports lifelong learning and enhances not only social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development, but also employability. Class content covers a wide range – from hobbies (arts and crafts, dog training, photography) to job skills (writing improvement, medical billing, computer programming, domestic violence counseling) to education and test preparation (writing for children, general science, Algebra, Homeschooling Strategies) – and much more! Your library will now be able to offer more than 500 online courses to patrons – all classes come with continuing education credit.

To access classes, go to Universal Class

Login with 205492 + your library card #  Then create your own personal account.  (free!)

If you don't know your library card #, send an email to

Have fun & learn something new!

If you take a class, send feedback to